The most sustainable parcel delivery goes beyond electric mobility

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Our values

The sustainable courier for E-commerce

The only service capable of delivering from your warehouse to your client's home in a sustainable way, not only covering last mile journeys.


Of the journey sustainably


Fast service

Competitive price

With values that complement those of your brand

Together, we make a difference


By offering a service in community, we share resources and we all win! We save trucks from having to make the journey and we save emissions.


Our commitment to our clients is the most important compromise, so we ensure that your shipment will arrive safely and on time.


Transparency, efficiency and conscientiousness in terms of delivery and sustainability is something that identifies us.


24/28h delivery, even same-day in the most important cities in Spain.

About us

How do we do it?

Combining our fleet of fully electric vans and the collaboration of our community of ecoDrivers

Centralized management

We group and organize the packages in our warehouse for collection by the ecoDrivers.

Collaborative transport

ecoDrivers, on their way to their destination, stop by our warehouse to pick up packages in secure and convenient bags and deliver them to their destination city.

Electric last mile

We make last mile deliveries with our fleet of 100% electric vehicles!

Let's talk!

Leave us your information and we will get in touch to give you information or a personalized budget based on your needs and volume of deliveries.


Our mentions


Imagin connects investors with the winning entrepreneurs of the ImaginPlanetChallenge

Imagin rewards a parcel 'Blablacar' and a shared toy platform The first environmental entrepreneurship competition for Imagin, CaixaBank's platform for young people, already has winners. It is a solution that intends to use private vehicles to transport packages and a project that proposes renting toys instead of buying them. The young people behind eCodeliver and Kidalos, as these two business ideas are called, have participated in a program in Lanzarote where experts from Imagin itself and a team of professionals dedicated to entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation will help them develop a first version of the product they are striving to build.

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Via empresa

EcoDeliver, the BlaBlaCar of packages, about to start operating in Barcelona.

EcoDeliver, the BlaBlaCar of packages, about to start operating in Barcelona. The startup proposes a model in which anyone who plans to make a journey takes advantage of the available space to transport packages.

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ecoDeliver and Kidalos win the first edition of the imaginPlanetChallenge

ecoDeliver and Kidalos win the first edition of the imaginPlanet Challenge. ecoDeliver and Kidalos have been chosen among the 230 participating teams, made up of more than 700 young people from 16 Spanish universities who, hand in hand with imagin, have shaped their ideas during the last three months.

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