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Our Origin

Pioneers in Sustainability Through Collaboration

At ecoDeliver, our journey started with a simple yet powerful vision: to revolutionize the transportation industry through collaboration and sustainability. It all began with a keen observation by our founders, Patrick & Mateu, who noticed the inefficiency and environmental impact of countless vehicles traveling our roads with ample empty space.

Driven by the belief that this wasted space could be used to transport goods sustainably, we aimed to create innovative solutions to optimize resource utilization. Our initial effort involved pioneering a model similar to "BlaBlaCar" for packages, where individuals could use their planned trips to transport packages over long distances, effectively using their vehicle's extra capacity.

We believe sustainability can be achieved through collaboration

As we refined our model and expanded our reach, we delved into the realm of professional mobility transport operators. We envisioned a future where even bus lines could use their available trunk space to transport goods, further reducing carbon emissions and maximizing efficiency.

From Concept to Reality

What started as a grassroots initiative to tackle an urgent environmental problem soon evolved into a thriving ecosystem of sustainable transportation solutions. As our team grew, so did our expertise, industry knowledge, and technological capabilities. This evolution paved the way for a natural progression toward offering our services to other companies within the industry.

We aim to expand the horizons of innovation in sustainable transport

Today, ecoDeliver is at the forefront of innovation in sustainable transportation, with a multifaceted approach encompassing both service provision and technological development. Based on our core principles of collaboration and sustainability, we now offer a range of technology-driven solutions designed to empower companies in the transportation, logistics, and mobility sectors.

Driving Change Together

Our journey is far from over. We remain steadfast in our commitment to driving positive change within the transportation industry, one collaboration at a time. Join us as we continue to explore new opportunities, forge meaningful partnerships, and lead innovative solutions shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

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