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Collaborative transportation, simplified

We utilize the empty space in vehicles that are already traveling and optimize the logistics chain.


Why bet on collaboration?

Commitment to sustainability

We utilize the empty space in vehicles that were already going to travel, reducing the need for more trucks and decreasing the carbon footprint.

Focus on well-being

Our social responsibility goes beyond environmental sustainability. We always put people at the heart of our work.

Fostering community

By collaborating with us, you bet on a network of companies that share resources and opportunities, creating an ecosystem of mutual benefits.

Practical innovation

We reinvent the logistics market ensuring operational flow. We guarantee the smooth and efficient operation of the entire chain.

Total transparency

Transparency is our policy, we guarantee our partners a clear and precise view throughout the process.

Guaranteed security

We implement rigorous security protocols to protect both carriers and packages, ensuring the integrity of each shipment.

Imagine a future with us

12,780 kg of CO2

Saved with collaborative transportation vs. traditional logistics, according to the emissions calculation guide of the Generalitat of Catalonia and data from the CNMC

200,000 packages

What value do we bring?

Reduce Transportation Costs

By optimizing our routes and sharing resources, we help significantly reduce transportation costs.

Last Mile and Long Distance Transport

We offer comprehensive solutions for last mile and long-distance transport, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of your products.

Marketplace Management

We facilitate the management of your market, connecting carriers and companies, saving management time.

Making Every Trip Count, Reducing CO2

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint by optimizing every trip, promoting sustainable and responsible practices.

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